Smd Led - Rgb Ws2812b (strip Of 50)

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Smd Led - Rgb Ws2812b (strip Of 50)

Smd Led - Rgb Ws2812b (strip Of 50)

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LED Lighting Bars and Strips SMD LED - RGB WS2812B (Strip of 50)
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The WS2812B (or "NeoPixel") may look like a common 5050-sized (5x5mm) SMD LED, but there’s actually an integrated control circuit embedded inside there too. Sometimes you don't need 10, maybe you need 50! If you are the person who needs that many than this is the perfect quantity for you. If you look really hard, you can see the tiny black chip hidden in there, along with minuscule gold wires connecting the chip to the LED. This LED is certainly more than meets the eye! The 'B' at the end of the WS2812 name denotes that these specific LEDs are equipped with and only require FOUR pins instead of SIX!

The LED itself is unlike most RGB (Red/Green/Blue) LEDs. The brightness of each color can be adjusted using a serial string to one of 256 different levels. That means there are 16,777,216 (2563) possible combinations of colors. You can produce any color from white to black (off), or salmon to sienna.


Smd Led - Rgb Ws2812b (strip Of 50)
  • Illumination Color - RGB
  • Number of LEDs - 50 LED
  • Product - LED Flexible Strips
  • Brand - SparkFun
  • Manufacturer - SparkFun Electronics
  • Moisture Sensitive - Yes
  • Product Type - LED Lighting Bars and Strips
  • Standard Pack Qty - 1
  • Subcategory - LED Lighting
  • Wavelength/Color Temperature - 467nm, 525 nm, 625 nm