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  • Rockchip - Rock Pi N10 Model A - Rk3399pro W/ 4gb Lpddr3 & 16gb Emmc
Rockchip - Rock Pi N10 Model A - Rk3399pro W/ 4gb Lpddr3 & 16gb Emmc

Rockchip - Rock Pi N10 Model A - Rk3399pro W/ 4gb Lpddr3 & 16gb Emmc

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Seeed Studio Accessories Rockchip - ROCK PI N10 Model A - RK3399Pro w/ 4GB LPDDR3 & 16GB eMMC


Key Features
  • RK3399 PRO SoC which includes 6-Core CPU, GPU, and NPU.
  • 4GB Dual channel LPDDR3, 16GB eMMC 5.1, μSD card slot(up to 128 G)and M.2 SSD connector (up to 2T)
  • Support the Debian software system and Android 8.1.
  • Includes an NPU that has the power of computing up to 3.0 TOPS especially for AI and deep learning processing.
  • DescriptionAre you interested in AI or deep learning but can not find a fit board to realize your program? Don’t worry, Rock pi N10 is born for AI and deep learning processing. Rock pi N10 is a new member of the Rock pi family. It carries a powerful SoC(system on chip) which is RK3399Pro. RK3399Pro is highly integrated by CPU, GPU, and NPU. RK3399Pro’s CPU is a six-core CPU which includes Dual Cortex-A72(frequency 1.8GHz) and quad Cortex-A53(frequency 1.4GHz). The GPU of RK3399Pro is Mali T860MP4 which has the ability to support OpenGL ES 1.1 /2.0 /3.0 /3.1 /3.2, Vulkan 1.0, Open CL 1.1 1.2, DX1. As for NPU, the NPU can support 8/16 bit computing and up to 3.0 TOPS computing power. The NPU has a good performance for complex calculation and processing, it can be perfectly used in AI and deep learning applications.Rock Pi N10 has plenty of resources for storage. 64 bits dual-channel 4GB LPDDR and 16GB eMMC 5.1 is embedded on the mainboard for providing enough storage for processing and saving data. Besides, the board also contains a μSD card slot for booting and even an M.2 SSD connector which supports up to 2T SSD for extending storage.Rock Pi N10 is totally an interface monster. Like Raspberry 4B, Rock Pi N10 has rich interfaces for Audio, camera, display, Ethernet, USB and I/O pins. The Ethernet interface can support PoE function and has a PoE hat near the Ethernet interface. The SBC can not support wi-fi for now, but there will be an optional wi-fi module to be embedded on the board later soon.The software system of this Rock Pi N10 board is Debian and Android 8.1. For the NPU, there is an upgraded firmware and booting procedure.Specification
    Rockchip - Rock Pi N10 Model A - Rk3399pro W/ 4gb Lpddr3 & 16gb Emmc
    • Brand - Seeed Studio
    • Manufacturer - Seeed Studio
    • Product Type - Accessories
    • Subcategory - Supplies