Respeaker Usb Mic Array

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Respeaker Usb Mic Array

Respeaker Usb Mic Array

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Seeed Studio Accessories ReSpeaker USB Mic Array


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An out of the box voice pick up device is the voice of the customer.

During the past year, Respeaker Mic Array V2.0 has been sold out for more than 10K units in the format of the development board. Customers keep requesting a complete device with an enclosure, which is challenging for them to design it, considering the acoustic principles.

And here Seeed provides the answer with ReSpeaker USB Mic Array:

  • An out of box device with a well designed acoustic structure brings the flexibility for the customer to build in their solution.
  • Mold injected enclosure available, saves the time to go to the market and the mold cost.

The difference between the PCBA inside ReSpeaker USB Mic Array and Respeaker Mic Array V2.0:

  • Optimized power circuit
  • Move the audio jack and micro USB port to the backside.

Applicable Scenario

  • Microphone devise in the meeting room
  • Smart home
  • Device automation


  • Plug Play No driver required , compatible with Windows 10/8/7, Mac, Linux and Android that support OTG.
  • Voice Pick up device, Far field voice pick up up to 5m and supports 360 pick up pattern
  • Acoustic algorithms implemented:
  • DOA Direction of Arrival ,
  • AEC Automatic Echo Cancellation ,
  • AGC Automatic Gain Control ,
  • NS Noice Suppression
  • Built in audio jack, which allows for plugging in headphones or speakers speaker not included




  • Voice pick up device
  • Home/Office automation device
  • In car voice assistant
  • Healthcare device
  • Voice interaction robot
  • Other applications

11When it comes to development we believe you should have as many options as possible.

The ReSpeaker USB Mic Array is able to work with most modern Linux, macOS, and Windows systems . We do recommend Linux for firmware updates.

We are working hard to ensure the setup is simple.

The documentation on our wiki will help you get up and running quickly, and should unknown issues pop up our tech support team is ready to help. You can ask questions in our ReSpeaker forum, which is checked daily.

You can also check out the GitHub for more support.

  • XVF 3000 from XMOS
  • 4 High Performance Digital Microphones
  • Supports Far field Voice Capture
  • Speech Algorithms On Chip
  • 12 Programmable RGB LED Indicators
  • Microphones: MEMS MSM261D4030H1CPM
  • Sensitivity: 26 dBFS Omnidirectional
  • Acoustic Overload Point: 120 dBSPL
  • SNR: 63 dB
  • Power Supply: 5V DC from Micro USB or Expansion Header
  • Dimensions: 77mm Diameter
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack Output Socket

Technical Details

77mm Diameter

Weight N.


Weight G.



Part List

ReSpeaker USB Mic Array

USB Type A to Micro USB cable

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Respeaker Usb Mic Array
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  • Type - ReSpeaker USB Mic Array
  • Brand - Seeed Studio
  • Manufacturer - Seeed Studio
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