Photo Cell Cds Photoresistor

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Photo Cell Cds Photoresistor

Photo Cell Cds Photoresistor

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Photoelectric Sensors Photo Cell CdS Photoresistor
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CdS cells are little light sensors.

As the squiggly face is exposed to more light, the resistance goes down. When its light, the resistance is about 1K , when dark it goes up to 10K .

To use, connect one side of the photo cell either one, its symmetric to power for example 5V and the other side to your microcontroller's analog input pin. Then connect a 10K pull down resistor from that analog pin to ground.

The voltage on the pin will be 2.5V or higher when its light out and near ground when its dark. CdS photocells are not RoHS compliant, so if you need something equivalent but RoHS compiant, check out the photo transistor.

For a full tutorial with wiring diagrams, code examples and project ideas, please read the photocell tutorial page!

Photo Cell Cds Photoresistor
  • Brand - Adafruit
  • Manufacturer - Adafruit
  • Product Type - Photoelectric Sensors
  • Standard Pack Qty - 1
  • Subcategory - Sensors