Mini Keyboard Mcu Friendly Ps/2 + Usb

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Mini Keyboard Mcu Friendly Ps/2 + Usb

Mini Keyboard Mcu Friendly Ps/2 + Usb

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Input Devices Mini Keyboard MCU Friendly PS/2 + USB


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Add a typing interface to your project with this microcontroller friendly miniature keyboard.

We found the smallest PS/2 USB keyboard available, a mere 8.75" x 4.65" x 0.6" 220mm x 118mm x 16mm ! It's small but usable to make a great accompaniment to either a microcontroller project or a computer such as the Beagle Bone or Raspberry Pi. The keyboard supports either USB or PS/2 interface and will automatically adjust to whichever its plugged into there's an adapter included .

Comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, and has a num lock number pad. Nearly all microcontrollers have existing PS/2 keyboard examples that would work fine with this keyboard.

For Ardiuno users, we tried out PJRC's PS2 Keyboard library with great success just check the 'simple text' example for which pins you can connect to on your 'duino on an Uno we used digital pins 2 and 3 . We suggest our PS/2 adapter cable to make the wiring easy.

Start typing and you'll see the data appear in the serial terminal! To use with a Raspberry Pi, change the keyboard to USA PC104 layout:
Mini Keyboard Mcu Friendly Ps/2 + Usb
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