Micro Sd Card Extender

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Micro Sd Card Extender

Micro Sd Card Extender

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Adafruit Accessories Micro SD Card Extender


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Stop fiddling with SD card sockets in the back of your latest gadget, and streeeeeeeeeetch out with a Micro SD Card Extender .

This simple, but effective device gives you a long flexible cable, a psuedo Micro SD card on one end, and a matching micro SD card socket on the other. Plug in the card half and attach the socket wherever you like.

This is a great hack for length constraints with 3D printers, single board computers, data logging kits and more. Get to your micro SD card in and out and safeguard against wear and tear.

The sockets are push push. Insert the card in to lock, and press in again to release it.

There's a wee pictogram on the socket which shows the correct orientation. We used this with a Replicator 3D printer using an adapter , various Feathers, and also a Raspbery Pi 3 Linux computer and it was speedy and error free, but it is a hack, so be aware that high speed and high noise environments may end up not working.

Note: Micro SD Card not included

Micro Sd Card Extender
  • Brand - Adafruit
  • Manufacturer - Adafruit
  • Product Type - Accessories
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