Grove Base Cape For Beaglebone

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Grove Base Cape For Beaglebone

Grove Base Cape For Beaglebone

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Seeed Studio Accessories Grove Base Cape for BeagleBone


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One of the best things about BeagleBone® Board is the massive accessible GPIOs coming out from its 2x 46 pin headers.
However, as we know, all things has two sides - the good side and the bad side. 2x46 pins means 2x46 jumper wires, and 2x46 jumper wires putting on the board means â A REAL MESS.
How can a rapid prototyping be called ‘rapid if you spend most of your time dealing with entangled wires? Now this Grove Base Cape for BeagleBone® v2.0 is designed for real rapid prototyping with your BeagleBone® board.The cape has brought the simplicity of Grove system to your BeagleBone® projects, just attach it directly onto your BeagleBone® v2.0, and then you can have 12 easy-to-use Grove connectors to do plug-and-play with the big family of Grove modules.
The connectors include 2x UART, 2x ADC, 4x Digital I/O and 4x I2C that interface to the pins on your BeagleBone® board, offering almost everything you need. There are two switches used to reset the I2C address in case of address conflicts.
The board also integrates a switch for voltage transition - from a normal 5V to 3.3V.


  • 12 Grove Connectors includes
  • 2x UART
  • 2x Analog Input
  • 4x Digital I/O
  • 4x I2C Interface
  • Grove Base Cape For Beaglebone
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    • Manufacturer - Seeed Studio
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