Dragino Lorawan Door Sensor - Eu868mhz

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Dragino Lorawan Door Sensor - Eu868mhz

Dragino Lorawan Door Sensor - Eu868mhz

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Multiple Function Sensor Modules Dragino LoRaWAN Door Sensor - EU868MHz
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  • Compact Size (64x30x14mm) for Easy Deployment
  • Latest version of LoRaWAN v1.0.3 Class A
  • SX1262 Long-Range Low-Power LoRa Core
  • 1 Year Long Lasting CR2032 Battery for Easy Replacements
  • Conveniently Change Device Parameters via sending AT Commands
  • Periodically Transmit Sensor Data and Open/Close Actions
  • Easily Connect to a Computer and Upgrade the Firmware via Program Port

The Dragino LoRaWAN Door Sensor is a door sensor that can detect open/close status of the door and uplink to the LoRaWAN network. It is a small sensor with a dimension of 64 x 30 x 14 mm.LDS01 is powered by a CR2032 coin battery, in a good LoRaWAN Network Coverage case, it can transmit as many as 12,000 uplink packets (base on SF7, 14dB). in poor LoRaWAN network coverage, it can transmit ~ 1,300 uplink packets (base on SF10, 18.5dB). The design goal for one battery is up to 1 year. Users can easily change the CR2032 battery for reuse.The LDS01 will send periodically data every day as well as for each door open/close action. It also counts the door open times and calculates the last door open duration.Each LDS01 is pre-load with a set of unique keys for LoRaWAN registration, register these keys to local LoRaWAN server and it will auto-connect after power on.This Door Sensor can be set up as follows in a LoRaWAN network:


We also offer the US915MHz version of this door sensor for the US915MHz band. Click here to learn more about it.


  • Wireless Alarm and Security Systems
  • Smart Home and Building Automation
  • Industrial Monitoring and Control
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Factory


It is recommended to change the battery when it reaches 2.8V. After changing the battery, make sure, to press the RESET button to activate the low power mode.

DimensionsParts List1 x Dragino LoRaWAN Door Sensor - US915MHz

Dragino Lorawan Door Sensor - Eu868mhz
  • Description/Function - EU - 868 MHz
  • Dimensions - 64 mm x 30 mm x 14 mm
  • Height - 14 mm
  • Length - 64 mm
  • Product - LoRaWAN Door Sensors
  • Series - Dragino
  • Type - Open/Close Detection
  • Width - 30 mm
  • Brand - Seeed Studio
  • Manufacturer - Seeed Studio
  • Product Type - Multiple Function Sensor Modules
  • Standard Pack Qty - 1
  • Subcategory - Sensor Modules