Dc Motor In Micro Servo Body

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Dc Motor In Micro Servo Body

Dc Motor In Micro Servo Body

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Adafruit Accessories DC Motor in Micro Servo Body
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This tiny DC Motor in Micro Servo Body is an interesting motor it's the same size and shape as our micro servo but it isn't a servo.

It's more like a DC motor plastic gear train in a box. It's not a super powerful motor, it would do well as a little robot wheel.

It's also a lot less expensive than a micro servo continuous or non continuous because there is no control board inside. Controlling speed is done by PWM'ing the power leads, controlling direction is done by swapping the power polarity just like any brushed DC motor.

Runs from 4 6VDC, we've powered it with a Lipoly and 3 alkaline, or 4 NiMH batteries with success. You cannot control this directly from a microcontroller pin! You must have a H bridge such as a L293D, TB6612 or a Motor shield, Motor HAT or DC Motor Stepper FeatherWing.

Motor comes with 2x screws and 2x nuts for mounting to a chassis. No flanges or horns included it's intended to mate with our little wheels, there's a screw to attach once they're plugged together.

Build a robot vehicle of your own with these little motors driving it!

Dc Motor In Micro Servo Body
  • Brand - Adafruit
  • Manufacturer - Adafruit
  • Product Type - Accessories
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