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Adafruit eInk Feather Friend with 32KB SRAM

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Display Development Tools Adafruit eInk Feather Friend with 32KB SRAM



If you want to use a camera in your Raspberry Pi based projects, the highest quality camera which is available right now is the Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2. However, Raspberry Pi just released their latest version of the camera module with an impressive 12.3-megapixel high-resolution camera compared to the 8-megapixel camera on the Camera Module V2 and we are very excited to bring it to you. This camera has a higher sensitivity than the existing Camera Module v2 with a pixel size of 1.55μm × 1.55μm which is double the pixel area of IMX219 found on the Camera Module V2 and this can result in improved low-light performance.

The Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera is designed to accept CS-mount lenses, and, with the supplied adapter, it can support C-mount lenses as well. The High-Quality camera provides an alternative to the Camera Module v2 for industrial and consumer applications, including security cameras, which require the highest levels of visual fidelity and/or integration with specialized optics.  If you want to mount this camera on a tripod, we offer two different tripods for this camera: a mini tripod and a tripod with adjustable height. How to Use The Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera? How Is This New Camera Different From The Previously Released Ones? You can refer to the table below to have an in-depth comparison between the Raspberry Pi Camera Modules. 


  • 12.3-Megapixel high-resolution Sony IMX477 sensor
  • 1.55μm × 1.55μm Pixel Size – double the pixel area of IMX219 for improved low-light performance
  • Back-illuminated sensor architecture for improved sensitivity
  • Support for different C- and CS-mount lenses
  • Integrated back-focus adjustment ring and tripod mount


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Adafruit eInk Feather Friend with 32KB SRAM
  • Product - On Screen Display Boards
  • Brand - Adafruit
  • Manufacturer - Adafruit
  • Product Type - Display Development Tools
  • Standard Pack Qty - 1
  • Subcategory - Development Tools