5v 1.5a Linear Voltage Regulator - 7805 To-220

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5v 1.5a Linear Voltage Regulator - 7805 To-220

5v 1.5a Linear Voltage Regulator - 7805 To-220

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Adafruit Accessories 5V 1.5A Linear Voltage Regulator - 7805 TO-220


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Ah the venerable 7805, who amongst us has not used this popular linear regulator? This big chunky regulator will help you get your 7 35V battery or wall adapter down to a nice clean 5.0V with 2 regulation.

Perfect for just about all electronics! This is the TO 220 version, with up to 1.5A current capability, and has internal current limiting thermal shut down protection which makes it sturdy and pretty much indestructible at least electronics wise we're pretty sure a hammer might work..

. This regulator has a 2V linear drop out.

That means you must give it at least 7V to get a clean 5V out. There is a constant 'quiescent' current draw of 6mA.

This regulator can provide up to 1.5A as long as it has proper heat sinking. The higher your input voltage and output current, the more heat it will generate.

Without an extra heatsink, you can burn off up to 2W. We like this calculator for determining your heat sink requirements It's a TO 220 package, so use 62.5 C/Watt junction thermal resistance.

The wattage of your set up is = InputVoltage 5V AverageCurrentInAmps. E.

g. a 9V battery and 1 Amp of average output current means the regulator is burning off 9 5 1 = 4 Watts! This setup would definately need a heat sink! This regulator does not require capacitors for stability, but we recommend at least 10uF electrolytic capacitors on both input and output.

5v 1.5a Linear Voltage Regulator - 7805 To-220
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