Cypress Bluetooth 5 IoT Contest


All entries will be judged by Cypress and Mouser staff.

Criteria considered during the judging process will include but not be limited to:

  • Project innovativity / creativity - We understand its difficult to come up with a brand new idea, but a project will be scored higher if it's original or you can take an existing idea and put a fresh creative spin on it.
  • Project documentation - Show us step by step how you built your project from start to finish using hi-res images, screenshots, video and text.
  • Project completeness - fully working and finished projects will be judged higher than incomplete projects, however, incomplete projects can still be entered.
  • BOM - list all of your components, apps and tools.
  • Code - well structured, commented code will be looked on fondly by our judges.
  • Schematics - Circuit diagrams that clearly show your project works will score you points.


May 13th 2019: Project ideas submission open

June 13th 2019: Determine semifinalists and distribute kits

Aug 9th 2019: Project submission deadline

Aug 16th 2019: Announce contest winners