Self-Soldering PCBs Reflow Themselves

The YouTube channel of Carl Bugeja is full of inventive and fresh ideas surrounding PCB creation and usage. From flexible PCB robot frogs to PCB motors (Yes, motors that are on the PCB), it's clear that Carl is always looking for unique perspectives in circuit and PCB design.

In this week's Electromaker Show we look at his most recent video showcasing the self-soldering PCB (timed section link):

The idea is both straightforward and incredibly complex at once. By adding resistive layers to a 4-layer PCB, you can create a PCB that heats up when current is passed across it - heating the layer above. If you just so happen to have a bunch of solder paste and components set up on that top layer, then BOOM! Self-soldered PCB!

The full video goes into a lot of detail on how this project came together, along with the potential pitfalls of the idea. While it's probably not time to ditch the hot plate, it's a fascinating concept.

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