Build Your Own Simon Game With Netduino

Use the power of Netduino to make a compact size Simon game on a half breadboard with LEDs, push buttons, and a piezo speaker.

Motion Sensing Glove DigiTe

Make a motion-sensing glove using pressure-sensitive conductive cloth.

MIDI Slide Whistle "MEMIDION" 

I tried to make slide whistle move automatically by MIDI signal. It is MEMIDION.

Bio-smart Wear

My application is based on the use of this kind of devices to connect our body to the cloud.

Kim Uno - A 6502 Kim-1 Computer On Arduino

Replicate the 1976 KIM-1 computer on an Arduino. Pocket-sized 6502 coding! Use serial port, or add small PCB to make a stand-alone device.

Easy Countdown With Buzzer

How to make an easy and adaptable countdown.

Fire Equipment Management

Firefighters must manage their equipment out in the field. Paper gets lost, and WIFI is rare. Simply transmit tracking info via cellular.

Arduino to Smartphone Communication

Control Arduino from your smartphone or laptop using Bluetooth.

Lego Raspberry Pirate Skull Hexapod

My first attempt at a robot with a Lego Pirate theme.

Pi-ron Man

Toy Iron Man mask with some hardware in it to project information to the wearer, like the holographic interface Mr. Stark himself uses.

Walle - Home Assistant

Home automation system with built-in Alexa assistant and wireless controllers for light and central heating? It sounds great, doesn't it?

Transit System

Know when the bus is arriving, and notify someone if the bus is late.