Water Cooling Wearable

Version 1 of my temperature controlling wearable.

Zelda Song Player

Assemble an Arduino Uno-based device to recreate an N64 controller to play the first six songs from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!

The Hydromazing Smart Garden System

The hydroMazing system manages your growing environment by making localized data-driven decisions so that you don't have to worry.

Automatic Flying Bug Killer

A solar powered, cloud-connected device to dispatch annoying summertime pests efficiently.

"microdot" For Lattepanda (or Raspberry Pi) By Allan

The MicroDot is a home-made Alexa 'button' designed to be connected to a LattePanda or a Raspberry Pi, with Alexa Sample App installed. It is a small speaker with LED's and touch/speech activation, and is ideal for use on a desktop or in a car.

3dcg Control Using Touchdesigner & 10 Dof Mems Imu Sensor

I controlled 3DCG object using TouchDesigner. The object moves according to the value of the sensor connected Arduino. By H0meMadeGarbage

Led Controlled By 3d Gesture Sensor

I tried controlling the display of flexible LED matrix with 3D gesture sensor. By H0meMadeGarbage

Iot Wallet (smart Wallet With Firebeetle Esp32) By Igor

There are several ways to use this tutorial. You can use it to:- Learn how to track and update your asset values for a particular currency using a Google spreadsheet;- Program an ESP32 using the Arduino IDE;- Read values from a Google spreadsheet using an ESP32 device;You can use part of this tutorial to create your own gadgets.

E-paper Picture Frame By Gyro

I decided to make a digital picture frame with an E-ink display. The great thing about these displays is that they don't need any power to retain an image. You only need to power it in order to change the screen.