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About the project

IoT controlled Neopixel Desk light for adding RGB effects on my workspace and shots I take for my social media platforms

Project info

Difficulty: Moderate

Platforms: BlynkNeoPixelNodeMCUEspressifPCBWay

Estimated time: 5 hours

License: GNU General Public License, version 3 or later (GPL3+)

Items used in this project

Hardware components

WS2812B WS2812B x 5
Header pin Header pin x 6

Software apps and online services

Blynk Blynk

Hand tools and fabrication machines

soldering iron soldering iron x 1


Hi there,

Very much excited to discuss that I have successfully completed the last project of the year 2020 and this project has been themed as -

 " IOT CONTROLLED 4 BIT NEOPIXEL DESK LIGHT " as the name emphasize that the LEDs are controlled using IOT platform known as Blynk - The platform allows the user to control the Leds over the air using the widgets. 

This project was never planned or decided by me but it was going to be a year with no projects so I thought of utilizing the Stuffs I was having with me in my Boxes. Luckily I found a microcontroller based on ESP8266 -- yeah its Nodemcu V1.0 

so after collecting the stuffs it was a great time to thinking of a project that can neither be permanent nor too boring and simple.

Planning of the project

It was the month of October when I was working on these stuffs and so I targeted the upcoming Halloween event but unfortunately when i was soldering the NeoPixel leds using hand soldering iron and I blowed it off and so the project has to be dropped . With all hopes I then thought of having a Christmas ART (in month of novemeber) this year , but the availability of components and Lack of professional PCBs forced my mind to postpone it for the next year. Finally thinking that nothing is waste , I grabbed my materials and went for a refreshment tour of where I got an idea of decorating my workspace with these wonderful Leds and finally when i was working with them I opted for arduino uno instead of the nodemcu since I was on a confusion if i was able to interface the Nodemcu with Blynk IoT platform. when the project was complete I shared the snaps and shots of the electronics stuff that i created where i got a comment of making it a lamp. Though it was quite tough to think but i instead of making the lamp I opted to make a effect light or a desk mood light for my table where i can add RGB effects to my electronics photos and modules which really makes an impression on my audience and supporters. I hope you weren't bored by knowing and reading the planning of the project but i have tried to make it as brief as possible.

Construction of the project

Building of the project was really very intermediate because i was having half of the materials with me but the other half was supposed to be arranged. When i was testing the Neopixel strip (for an hour) interfaced to my Arduino Uno I see the strip getting too hot when the Leds were changing the animations as per the code and this made me realize that there has to be a heat sink or heat dissipation systme to cool down the Leds and Microcontroller , for that the simple solution was to add a aluminium base but for that i had to find a aluminium clad and a heat sink compound , so I utilized the Green Zero PCBs that i had with me and luckily the strip had some glued tape on it which made my work simpler as expected. After construction of the PCB it was time to change the microcontroller and switch to Nodemcu as i was able to see only the repeated animations through my code which really moves the project to a broing part. After a break of 48 hours it was time to write the program for the nodemcu and the Blynk widgets and for that I used the WS2812fx library for 50+ animations and two slide bars of brightness and speed having defined the Virtual Pins accordingly. Once i was to an end I found the flexible aluminium Rod with my neighbour and asked them it they need it , I experianced a small relief in my heart when they said that it is a waste for them. Ahh how a needy can leave his requirements??? the same way I get it and hot glued it to the PCB since soldering the stand to the HASL finished PADs was really hard and failure. Looking for a base i went with the Mount Board of 1cm Thickness and a random size and the project is complete.


Good news that you read my full journey of making this project in brief and thank you very much for your eyes here because your support really means a lot and it is a good source of motivation & improvistaion.

Well the project files are all shared here still if you find any difficulty , just drop a comment and vote for it. I will be replying at the earliest possible. 

Hope your support for PsElectroBot stays stronger, healthier and incredible.

Have a good journey ahead till then check all the links and galleries for a colourful knowledge and project poses 😊.

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you can also get your PCBs manufactured by by clicking this link.

Thank you PCBWay for sponsoring my projects and giving me the support in my journey.



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