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About the project

4.3 million deaths per year are linked to indoor heath pollution. HealthSpace through the use of IOT devices, alerting systems and AI aims to tackle indoor health quality. The solution fuses real-time data points into a single dashboard accessible through AI/ML powered digital chatbots.

Project info


Estimated time:

4 weeks


2nd April 2019

Items used in this project

Hardware components

AVR-IOT WG Evaluation Board x 1
AIR QUALITY click x 1
Half-size Breadboard x 1
USB A/Micro Cable - 2m x 1
Header - 2x23-pin Male (PTH, 0.1\")

(optional) this item is not required.

x 1

Software app and online services

Google Cloud Platform
Firebase - Real-time Database
Firebase - Cloud Functions
Twilio SMS API
Google Dialogflow

Used for the development of the chatbot

Visual Studio Code

(optional) you can use any development environment

Amtel Studio

Not required - highly recommended

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Soldering iron x 1


90% of our time is spent indoors.

Cardiovascular disorders are linked to poor light intensity.

Sub-optimal temperatures affect up to 20% of employee productivity.

Most shockingly of all, 4.3 Million Deaths per year are linked to indoor heath pollution and we made it our goal to investigate a solution.

HealthSpace through the use of IOT devices, alerting systems and AI aims to tackle indoor health quality. Through sensory data, we feed temperature, light intensity and air quality data to a Google Cloud real time database. Powered by Google Cloud Functions, automated SMS API triggers and alerts have been designed to notify key stakeholders when anomalies are detected and notified in realtime.

However, those capabilities only tackles awareness. Thus, a proof of concept recommendation engine that provides real time recommendations based on your sensory data was built. Is your air quality poor? The recommendation engine has the answers with information curated in a easy to use dashboard with live data feeds.

The next step was the simplification of all sensory data merged into a single health score unit. As part of this project, HealthSpace proposed a new proof-of-concept measurement unit index called the IHS(Indoor Health Score). We combined all the data collected into a single number out of 100 that is computed in realtime, thus, deriving simplicity from a complex problem.

Providing a highly-engaging web interface to the end user is great. Yet, we decided to make the consumption of data simpler and more human. Part of this project, a AI + Machine Learning/NLP chatbot agent (Integratable with Google Assistant) was built on Google Cloud to provide real time answers to any sensory data.

This project demonstrates the importance of the role IOT has to play in solving health issues on a global scale and despite of only scratching the surface, this is a necessary step towards solving the problem of indoor health quality.


Critical Hardware Components

IA Diagram

Project end-to-end architecture.

Hardware setup

Using a breadboard to prevent air quality sensor from blocking temperature and light sensors.


Project Code + Docummentation

The GitHub Repository contains all code necessarily required to reproduce the project. Code comments have been provided for ease of use. Repository also contains a readme document explaining the process of the project and how it works.

Project Code + Docummentation

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