Wilderness Labs

Wilderness Labs is the maker of Netduino and we power connected things with Netudino.


.NET,  open source,  hardware

4 Projects

Remote Control An Rgb Led Via Netduino And Xamarin!

Get familiar with Maple, a RESTful web server running on network capable Netduinos and control a rainbow LED remotely with a Xamarin app!

Show Rainbow Colors With An Rgb Led And Netduino

Learn how you can control a RGB LED with Netduino. Foundation, a powerful platform to build connected things quickly and easily with NETMF.

Getting Started With Netduino

You have all this C# coding knowledge and you want build hardware gadgets. Try Netduino, which is basically a powerful Arduino running .NET!

Power Your Coffee Maker With Netduino

Control your coffee maker remotely! Create a connected coffee maker using household electricity with .NET, Netduino, and Xamarin.