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I am Paul, from Devon UK,  I decided to join after being sent a link and learning about from your twitter account.  It is great to see more technical forums starting up.

I am a STEM ambassador and interested in Science, computers, electronics etc,  I am also running a code club.

Out side of this I am involved in helping to run a tech jam which is designed to inspire and help people of all ages with STEM subjects so we have, quite a lot of electronics stuff to play with, (mostly components) which is fun,  hoping to build some single IC logic gate boards that can demonstrate how different logic gates work.  We had something similar at school. Tech jam is on hold until it is safe for the library to open and we are able to start up again.  

Also involved in a discourse forum where we can discuss STEM topics, and there is a electrical engineering category, so have put a link on there to here, (

I like tinkering mostly or making the odd project for a specific purpose, mostly on decentralised social media,  so with this I am active on Mastodon (similar to twitter) as the instance I am on is STEM focused, so the aforementioned discourse forum is linked to that.  Would be great to find more people from Devon and Especially South Devon to swap ideas / tips and help with.  

Hope to be able to inspire others, I have devices like Raspberry Pi and Arduino which are fun to use.  But the new Pi 4 + 8 gb could be a game changer for desktop use. 

Hope everyone is keeping well during the lock down