Verbatim PLA

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Verbatim PLA

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I bought a roll of black PLA from Verbatim at an electronics store a while back since I didn't have that colour and material and needed it that day. I also overpaid a bit compared to online prices of it, but it wasn't important.  

Now, I looked online and found out they're quite competitively priced at around 20€ for 1kg! The place I usually order from (dasfilament) is around 16-18 bucks for 800g so it's basically the same and the quality is also the same, maybe better, hard to tell!

The one thing I've always liked most about dasfilament are their Masterspool refills, but now upon closer inspection, I think the Verbatim roll that the filament came on can be disassembled, so it might actually be refillable, which would be so great! Has anyone tried this yet?