Advice about possible project

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Advice about possible project

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So quite a few of my fellow console gamers and I who play flight sims like Elite Dangerous are stuck with only one low quality flight stick called the Tflight 4 or X (ps4 and xbox respectively)
My reasoning for calling said Hotas low quality is the Hall effect sensors on the throttle and yoke are prone to phantom inputs, and it seems no amount of deadzone stops them from making use of the flightstick a frustrating experience

Thrustmaster doesnt seems to care thier product is low quality and so many users got stiffed

Ive exhausted options that would allow me to spoof the Tflight (xaim, chronus mods, etc) the developers of those devices have little interest to help our community out, and I lack the computer programming skill at the moment to alter the chronus zens firmware in order to get it to spoof a higher quality stick as a tflight 4

to get to the point

What options might be reasonable to help my fellow gamers and I out?

Could arduino be used in conjunction with a RPi to make inputs into the Tflights motherboard in place of the faulty hall effect sensors and button inputs?

If so would programming so the inputs of a quality flightstick be used to input to the Tflights board be complicated?

Thanks In advance for your time