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If you're getting started with the Arduino, it can be pretty intimidating. Simplify the process with the 5 best Arduino projects for beginners, from blinking LEDs and creating smart home tech!

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10 Best Arduino Projects

The Arduino is a programmable circuit board, or microcontroller. It's open-source, and may be used for a variety of neat maker projects. Notably, it differs from single-board computers (SBCs) such as the Raspberry Pi in that the Arduino focuses on interfacing with software which interacts with the physical board. As such, Arduino projects are more maker-oriented, whereas SBC projects range from basic Linux desktops and retro gaming machines to advanced robotics. Nevertheless, there are loads of Arduino projects which you can make. Check out the 10 best Arduino projects!

Build to the Beat with a Compact Teensy Drum Machine

The old joke goes something like this: “What’s the difference between a drummer and a drum machine? You only have to punch the information into the drum machine once.”

Arduino-powered Active-tracking Solar Panel

Solar panels are more common these days, whether arranged in fields as collection arrays, on the roof of homes, or as part of your camping or festival gear to keep mobile devices topped up.

Arduino-Based Alcohol Detector

Anyone who has used an Arduino will know how simple it is to connect a sensor, access the module’s library, and enjoy some satisfying results. Moisture detectors, LDRs, microphones for detecting sound ... the possibilities are endless.

Play Chicken Scream with an Arduino

You’ve probably heard of a ‘bot’, automated software that performs repeated tasks. They turn up everywhere, from Twitter to video games.

A Raspberry Pi and Arduino-Powered Dart Board Digital Scoring Display

We’re not saying that you’re the next Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, but there’s a good chance you like a game of darts. Hasn’t the lack of a decent digital display proved a problem, in a world of oft-disappearing chunks of chalk?

Tell the Time with this Arduino Powered Laser Clock!

This build is so clever, it should have a degree. Utilizing ultraviolet LEDs and a glow in the dark surface, this “laser clock” (the use of laser is a bit vague, but it looks amazing, regardless) is constructed from 3D printed parts and has an Arduino inside it. Developed by YouTuber Tucker Shannon, the effect here is so stunning that we just had to take a closer look at it.

Amazing GUI Environment for Arduino!

Using an Arduino is straightforward. You hook it up to your PC via USB, install the IDE software, and create programs. These are uploaded to your Arduino and used until the program is updated.

Time your Drones with an Awesome 3D-Printed Arduino-Powered Landing Pad!

Ever fancied giving your quadcopter drone a cool landing area, or wanted to time its progress running circuits around your garden? Sure, a stopwatch is one option, but if you're busy controlling the drone you’re not going to be able to get an accurate timing.

Can You Control a Quadcopter with an Arduino?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had quite a few quadcopters, and they’ve all ended up crashing. Or lost.

An Arduino-Controlled BB8 with 3D Printed Parts!

Everyone loves Star Wars, and its robots – and their design – hold a particular fascination. When The Force Awakens hit cinemas in 2015, the realisation of astromech droid BB8 set tongues wagging and brains ticking over.