Create a Low Budget Smart Trash Can with Arduino

Smart trash cans were all the rage a couple of years ago. The idea is simple; a sensor detects movement or the presence of trash and triggers a servo to open the lid of the trash can.

Turn Your Raspberry Pi into a NODE Mini Server

If you’ve ever tried hooking up a hard disk drive to your Raspberry Pi, you’ll be familiar with the mess it can create. Both devices need a power supply; then there’s the USB cable from the drive to the Pi. Perhaps you tried using an external HDD housing; perhaps you prefer something more bespoke, like the Western Digital WDLabs PiDrive.

Innostick 6 SBC Runs Linux

Single-board computes (SBCs) range from the Raspberry Pi to the Odroid XU4. These maker boards maintain compatibility with a variety of operating systems (OSes), from Android to Chromium OS, and dedicated gaming OSes such as Lakka, RetroPie, and Recalbox. For desktop use, one of the most popular options is Linux. From NXElec, the tiny Innostick 6 SBC runs Linux on an incredibly low-power board. 

Raspberry Pi Zelda Triforce Mod Created

Hey listen! The Raspberry Pi boasts an impressive number of cases, both official and unofficial. However, one of the most legendary Raspberry Pi case DIY (do-it-yourself) mods dropped. This Zelda case mod complete with a levitating triforce is truly impressive, and the perfect RetroPie companion. 

Is the Bathroom Free? Find Out with Occup-Pi!

Need to find out if the bathroom is free or not, without negotiating a flight of stairs, or meandering along the corridor?

Raspberry Pi and Arduino Revive Old Doctor Who K9 Prop

Ever wondered what happened to the Doctor’s robot companion, K9? The Time Lord’s best friend has made a handful of appearances in Doctor Who’s 21st century revival, but since 2010 he’s been notable by his absence on screen … (we’ll ignore the fact he was redesigned and given his own TV show.)

Raspberry Pi Programming Popularity Thrives: Pi Remains Perfect Programming SBC

While many of the most popular Raspberry Pi projects may seemingly be entry-level maker projects, it's a nifty board for more advanced creations. Additionally, the Raspberry Pi delivers superb hardware for more advanced work. For instance, you can create robotics, and even make neat gadgets like this Twitter-controlled bubble machine with a Raspberry Pi Zero. One area where the Raspberry Pi benefits many users: programming. Learn why programming on the Raspberry Pi is incredibly popular!

Measure Your Skateboard Speed and Distance with a Raspberry Pi

“...I like to skate and cruise around. While I'm cruising, it would be handy to see how much distance I've travelled and see my speed.”

Ready for the DiddyBorg v2 Robot Kit?

Available in two colours (purple for power, red for speed), the DiddyBorg v2 Robot Kit will take your Raspberry Pi on a ride it will never forget!

Debian Stretch With Pixel for PCs and Macs Released, Raspbian Stretch Updated

The Raspberry Pi is an ultra-popular single-board computer (SBC). With plentiful Raspberry Pi operating system (OS) options, there's plenty of choice, from Linux desktop distributions (distros) to Chromium OS, retro gaming environments, and smart home suites. Raspbian, a Debian-based operating system for the Raspberry Pi, remains a top choice. On June 29, 2018, The Raspberry Pi Foundation released the latest Raspbian Stretch image for the Raspberry Pi alongside its Debian Stretch image featuring the PIXEL desktop environment for PCs and macOS devices. 

What Can You Do with an RGB LED Matrix Shield for Arduino?

Looking for a display option for your Arduino project? Perhaps a compact LCD or an array of LEDs will do the trick, especially if you’re building something decorative.

Potential Pi Killer: Libre Computer Renegade Elite ROC-RK3399-PC

Libre Computer offers a neat lineup of hardware including the Libre Computer Project AML-S905X-CC "Le Potato." Its various single-board computer (SBC) devices yeild excellent performance at reasonable prices. The Libre Computer Renegade Elite clocks in at over $100, but boasts the advanced processing over boards like the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and Odroid XU4. As the name suggests, the Libre Computer ROC-RK3399-PC Renegade uses a Rockchip RK3399. Learn more about the Libre Computer!

UDOO BOLT Gaming Capabilities: UDOO BOLT Ryzen-powered Board Handles PS3, Wii Emulation

UDOO makes superb single-board computer (SBC) options which provide alternatives to the Raspberry Pi. The UDOO BOLT, a crowdfunded mini computer, packs a major performance gain with its AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000. While it's suitable for a variety of maker projects, UDOO BOLT gaming stands out. While many development boards provide gaming capabilities, from the Raspberry Pi to the Odroid XU4, the UDOO BOLT trounces the competition. 

Can a Raspberry Pi Help Protect Coral Reefs?

We’ve seen the Raspberry employed in countless unique ways since the little computer arrived, but did you ever imagine that it could help to save marine life?

Build a Doctor Who Themed TARDIS Doorbell

Doctor Who and Raspberry Pi-based projects go hand in hand. Both are British, and both have links to Cambridge (writer Douglas Adams studied there, and was Doctor Who script editor at the time Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy hit the airwaves).

Hardkernel Announces ODROID-GO: Portable ODROID Console Released

Hardkernel, the manufacturer behind the Odroid XU4, announced the ODROID-GO. This console, which resembles a GameBoy Color, comes unassembled but with all of the components for a do-it-yourself (DIY) portable retro game console. Learn more about the ODROID-GO from Hardkernel!

What Can You Do with an Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 Express?

Looking for an ultra-compact project board that is compatible with Arduino IDE and CircuitPython? Well, if you can get your hands on an Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 Express, you might just be in luck...

PiParp: Prank Your Friends with a Parping Raspberry Pi Whoopee Cushion!

The whoopee cushion has been upgraded. No longer a rubber bladder filled with air (or, at times, a piece of foam), it has been enhanced and is capable of playing any noise you can think of, thanks to a Raspberry Pi.